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rust killer...

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1rust killer... Empty rust killer... on 4th April 2015, 3:11 pm


Hi guys,I'm just about to start my front end re-furb, I was wondering what was a good rust killer/treatment?? I'm gonna treat it brush, grind the surface stuff of and prime if needed then give it all a spray in black again and a bit of a waxoyl treatment maybe down the box sections??
What's people's opinions?? 

2rust killer... Empty Re: rust killer... on 5th April 2015, 10:50 am


I've always used jenolite as I found some off the other treatments which are water based are shit. But make sure you leave on for twice the recommended time as it works even better then, as it makes a surface conversion film on the metal and prevents further corrosion. Well that's what the scientist at work tell us anyway. I covered my whole mini van in it 8 years ago and its not rusted yet

3rust killer... Empty Re: rust killer... on 5th April 2015, 3:40 pm


Thanks toaster,I just wondered if anybody had first person experience of any of the different brands rather than just being a sheep and getting hammerite kurust.
I've got some stuff on the way that should do the trick. I'll start a

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