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Lumpy Idle

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26Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 9th July 2015, 11:10 pm


The camera was mainly shaking when I was trying to position my foot onto the pedal to give it some revs whilst keeping the camera pointed towards the screen lol.

I can't quite work out why the timing was jumping around it does it on idle as well but just flickers from 20 down to 16 and lower but not much above 20, when I gave it some throttle the timing then jumped upto 44-50 which doesn't seem right to me.

It stinks of fuel and I defiantly am getting some into the oil which I know isn't good so I've have drained some and filled it back up with fresh and won't drive it much until I get it sorted.

I'll will be taking the Inlet manifold off over the weekend so i'll change the gasket and all the hoses behind to at least rule that out, I'm glad u mentioned the Lambda so i'll change that I have disconnected it to see if it makes a difference, the readings disappear but it make no difference to the engine.

Maf is connected but has no retaining clips but I haven't been getting any fault codes at all I cable tie it up like you said just to rule that out.

It's really strange but nothing I have done so far has made any difference I don't think I have any boost leaks as it holds boost ok and I have no smoke that I'm aware of coming out the exhaust.

To answer if it's stock or mapped it's supposed to have a Horsham map in it but to be honest I haven't had it apart to look so maybe I'll do that over weekend as well. Other than that it's just a Apexi air filter, Mongoose exhaust, FMIC, profec spec B boost controller running 0.8 bar on low and 1.0 bar on hi.

27Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 9th July 2015, 11:34 pm


Ideally you need to get that wideband fitted as that will tell you all you need to know with regard to afr's
As for ignition timing,,,,,,,is it a stock harmonic pulley fitted or one of those cheapy alluminium ones? 
You may possibly have an issue with your cas as that could affect the irratic ignition advance, and as for no code coming up with the maf, don't let that fool you so put a tie clip on multiplug so it's pulled on tight.
You can not always go by codes shown, they are merely just a guide.

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28Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 9th July 2015, 11:49 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
I would think about getting injectors tested if nothing else crops up & have a look into cas & wiring, would also be good idea look at you ecu & see if standard or is running daughterboard.

29Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 10th July 2015, 6:23 am


It's got a stock pulley on it I have had the dust cover off the dizzy and the trigger wheel was clean with no damage or dirt I gave it a spray with contact cleaner as well just for good measures.

I have also pulled each plug in turn from the injectors with made a noticable difference to the running of the engine and I've also run 2 different bottles of fuel system cleaner through one being Forte and one being Cataclean. I have noticed also that the Injectors make quite a loud ticking noise when the fire it's defiantly the injectors as I've put a screwdriver on them to confirm.

If I can I'll have a go at fitting the wideband if time allows it. I've just brought a how to diagnose and repair book on Automotive wiring so I can test to see if the wiring is ok as It's a 20 year old car thats been messed about with by previous owners.

I hope I can get to the bottom of this so wish me luck I'll report back once I've checked some of the things you have said.


30Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 13th August 2015, 8:35 pm


Still not sorted this it seems to be worse now:(

Fitted a new Lambda sensor which made no difference the only good news so far is I brought a compression tester and the readings I got whilst testing on a fully warmed up engine was 160-150-155-150, so at least the engine seems to be healthy.

Next job is to fit a new inlet manifold gasket, replace all the hoses under throttle bodies for silicone ones, rocker cover gasket and ECU temp sender. I'm hoping that will cure it as it does seems to be air leak related.

Bit gutted I haven't really been able to enjoy it this summer but I'm not giving up yet plus it passed the MOT recently so I've got another year to crack on with it.

31Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 13th August 2015, 8:57 pm


New Lambda vs old
Lumpy Idle - Page 2 IMG_10831_zpsfmgsq1t5
Picks of the ecu with the last one showing the Horsham daughterboard
Lumpy Idle - Page 2 IMG_10841_zpsgpiyxg5j
Lumpy Idle - Page 2 IMG_10851_zps3hftecbv
Lumpy Idle - Page 2 IMG_10861_zpskqkrtgyr

32Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 13th August 2015, 9:18 pm


Well i guess thats one thing least the comp reading are roughly the same or atleast within 10 all across all four ....

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33Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 16th August 2015, 8:58 pm


Replaced inlet manifold gasket, all the hoses beneath the throttle bodies, cleaned the idle control and cold start valves and replaced the ecu temp sender it's now better but I've still got a bit of lumpy idle and still a bit of hesitation on light throttle.

This is turning out to be quite tricky to find but I'm slowly ruling out stuff. Should have another maf turning up tomorrow thanks to Bob so i'll give that ago and see if it makes any difference.

34Lumpy Idle - Page 2 Empty Re: Lumpy Idle on 17th August 2015, 7:09 pm


Fitted the maf that Bob sent me and it's made a massive difference, it's a lot smoother now and the car idles pretty well albeit slightly on the high side at 1100-1200 but I can live with that for now.

There is still a slight stutter and a little bit of hesitation on light throttle mainly in 1st or 2nd but i'm a lot happier now. Massive thanks to Bob.

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