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MOT Help

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1MOT Help Empty MOT Help on 14th June 2015, 5:59 pm

Mark Ager

Had the mot, failed but not too much. Headlight problem so I've got 12v between top pin and right pin the neg, but as soon as I attach the bulb i lose the 12v? Unplug it and the 12v is back? Full beam is fine so that's left pin and right pin. So I guess this confirms neg is good. But why does the load of the lamp drop the 12v off? Also the bottom ball joint of the wish bone I need a new bust cover/grease gator, anyone know the size of them?

2MOT Help Empty Re: MOT Help on 14th June 2015, 7:20 pm


I think its 33mm or there abouts .... i cant remember exactly as i measured them ages ago then just decided to buy new balljoints as they are cheap enough ...

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