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few questions about engine parts

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1few questions about engine parts Empty few questions about engine parts on 22nd June 2015, 5:09 pm


Just a couple of questions regarding parts i need

  1. i am currently connecting all rear sensors to rear engine bay loom and i seem to have a square white connector that needs to be attached. What is connector colour and type for the knock sensor.

[list=2][*]what does the alternator bracket look like. I cant seem to find my old bracket and trying to figure out how i go about getting the alternator back on[/list]
[list=3][*]Does anyone have pictures of the oil lines for the turbo, i seem to have two lines but not to sure where they connect to the block[/list]
[list=4][*] Are the banjo bolts for the lines 12X1.25mm thread[/list]
[list=5][*]Two sensors are mounted above the power steering pump that are to do with water temperature and pressure can any one tell me which one is the pressure and which on is the temperature sensor[/list]
[list=6][*]i have removed the charcoal canister but two vacuum lines go to the inlet plenum and the IACV (i think its the IACV), now i have removed the charcoal canister can i just block these off or should i tie them together[/list]
[list=7][*]where can i get rubber mounts for bottom of radiator from one of mine had perished [/list]
[list=8][*]what is the black block on the front of the sr20det above the manifold that connects to the rocker cover via a rubber hose[/list]
[list=9][*]the stock inlet pipe for the turbo has a rubber hose that connects to the rocker cover, if i replace this with a hard pipe can i block this off or do i need to weld on a pipe to connec this hose up. [/list]
[list=10][*]does anyone know where i can get stock front lower control arms rear rubber bush from, i refuse to pay £80 for two polybushes. [/list]

Sorry for so many questions trying to keep it all to one thread.

2few questions about engine parts Empty Re: few questions about engine parts on 22nd June 2015, 5:28 pm


Alternator has a long bolt that goes through the block and has a slider on the side of it that bolts to the side of the block.
Both oil and water pipe for turbo have banjo bolts that go into the centre of the block.
The sensor that has a spade end on it is the temperature one for the gauge in the car.
The other one I think is cooland sensor for the ecu for choke. It has a red connector.
You can get rubber radiator mounts off a sunny or almera.
The black box is for crank case vapours. They return the oil back into the sump.
Don't block that pipe up on the rocker cover! Put it to a catch can or pop a small filter on it. If you block it up you will cause the crank case pressure to rise which is no good!

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