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Vacumm Questions

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1Vacumm Questions Empty Vacumm Questions on 9th August 2015, 7:24 am


Hi  Guys

Today i want to get all the vacuum lines reconencted on the car  

Looking at this diagram

Vacumm Questions Vacuum-piping

I have binned the charcoal canister.

1)Should i just block the red and yellow hoses to the charcoal canister now?

2)As ive got a 1 bar loop shoudl i just feed the actuator to intake manifold directly now.

Vacumm Questions Attachment

3) Also ive got a HKS dumpvalve, shall i just follow the diagram above but route the vacumm to the HKS Dumpvalve rather than the stock recirc.

2Vacumm Questions Empty Re: Vacumm Questions on 9th August 2015, 10:12 pm



There's also the vent from the fuel tank goes to the charcoal canister. Should you worry about that??

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