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Crank & Rod Bearings

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1Crank & Rod Bearings Empty Crank & Rod Bearings on 18th January 2016, 9:02 pm



Checked my bearings out tonight, and wondering wether to replace or not, the crank bearings have light scratches on some can be felt with my finger nail:

Crank & Rod Bearings 9996B057-9416-4CF4-9183-DFCEA606897B_zpstheo7g1k

Crank & Rod Bearings 6DD528D2-FA15-4DC1-BAF4-0137A958FDD4_zps5lbs7jog

Crank & Rod Bearings 5D88C33A-818A-4583-8904-6D3E5D413B2C_zpsbrmm7686

Ive ordered some plastigauge to measure clearances, but can I get away with reusing these or not?

I priced them up at nissan today:

Bearing crank - 12207-54C00- x 2   Type 0                       £13.64

Bearing crank - 12207-54C01- x 3    Type 1                      £13.64

Con rod bearing - 12111-54C01-  x 4    Type 1                  £7.97

Ring set piston - 12033-54J00-         part number not recognised  <------ doh forgot to give him the alt. number, should get a price on that tomorrow!

The rod bearings arnt that bad, but bneed to check clearances:

Crank & Rod Bearings 3CF2D223-918F-4421-9FAD-773D278DB2ED_zpsca4hs298

Crank & Rod Bearings AB381FC5-90A9-4949-8698-8049E3B284A5_zpsnqdijvq1

Crank & Rod Bearings FEC44FCA-41AE-4B2A-BE60-F52FAF60FD50_zpsfl2x0a60

Crank & Rod Bearings C733BFB0-050C-4EC7-B257-6A81AB4E4F4B_zpsqwfkdqjn

The cap bearings are pretty much the same as the rod.

I read somewhere that the Rod bearings need to be ordered in 2's as the part number is only for one half? is this correct?

When I reconditioned the wifes 1.0L Yaris engine Laughing a few years back, the crank bearings had to be replaced due to the gouges and ribbed for extra pleasure bearing surface:

Crank & Rod Bearings 24F2FDA0-DC3C-4B08-AAC9-E974F10415CC_zpst46t7btn

Thankfully mine arn't that bad!


2Crank & Rod Bearings Empty Re: Crank & Rod Bearings on 19th January 2016, 5:31 am

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
I would replace all shells. want check journals for light marks as expect may want a super light polish.
What are your piston ringland/skirts like & bore clearance/roundness like .

3Crank & Rod Bearings Empty Re: Crank & Rod Bearings on 19th January 2016, 8:03 am


I'm measuring them on Friday when I get 5 minutes. The pistons are really clean, rings move freely, very little carbon buildup, but will see if the gaps are still in spec.

I did a compression test before I started to strip the car down, all readings were the same around 170 iirc.

4Crank & Rod Bearings Empty Re: Crank & Rod Bearings on 19th January 2016, 11:27 am


Piston ring part numbers been superseded to:

12033-53j20 - £156.20

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