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new type of crank pulley..

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51new type of crank pulley.. - Page 3 Empty Re: new type of crank pulley.. 20th October 2016, 6:41 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
^ it may work with just a spacer
bolting a standard ve on with the 54C pump housing would be a disaster as you either crack oil pump housing as pulley touches that first or you would leave it binding on the oil pump cover while trying crank engine :-S
If you hunting and paying for sourcing ve pulley plus spacer etc you might as well bite bullet and get a new 54C one .
I couldn't care about weight of crank pulley as it so negligible plus with mass being so close to center of crank rotation it has negligible inertial benefits.
54C pulley was sourced from couple retailer in US for about 100-£120 a year ago, I had some at time, not so good now unfortunately, worth grabbing stuff if see cheap, I got ADL waterpump little under £35 and bought extra for on shelf spare, same with head bolts, prices going up as parts cleared and country currencies values alter etc .

52new type of crank pulley.. - Page 3 Empty Re: new type of crank pulley.. 14th November 2016, 8:15 pm


Sorry for delayed response chaps!

Best UK/Europe list price is £145.26(+VAT+post) - Part number is 1230354C00

I have managed to get the last two from European stock, they were in Amsterdamn and thought it best to grab them...
This does not mean they are no longer available in Europe it just means you have to wait for back order from Japan.
I got these two with 5% discount and no shipping cost because any stock in europe can be delivered to your nearest dealer for free, so I just picked them up Smile

new type of crank pulley.. - Page 3 30950935866_9d7f405dc1_z
DSC_2390 by edward guest, on Flickr

Total was for £145.26(+VAT)x2 = £348.63, so minus 5% = £331.20. So £165.60 each(including VAT)

If anyone wants one (or both) give me a shout. Including post and paypal to UK mainland they would be £165.60 +£11.68 (they weigh 1.9kg, insured/tracked post £177.28) +£7.09 (Paypal £184.37) if anyone knows cheaper post or wants bank transfer to avoid paypal then let me know...

kudos australia have some = $330AUS ~£200
spoke to them and they have a few of them in stock, didn't say how many but was sure there are some on the shelf.

canada = $364.68 ~£215 - they have non, back order from japan.

america = not possible to check as no american car has ever had it, and they do things a bit different than else where. So Eric's performance parts must have got theirs years ago when amayama/japan had them cheap. The canadians have the best of both worlds, they can tap in to USA and rest of world stock.

amayama = £260(+VAT+tax+post) - don't know why they are quoting so high on this item. usually they are really good apart from the post costs from japan.

UAE don't have any stock but if they did = $160.01 usa + post $39.33 +vat +tax = $247.18 so ~£198.

If you want to do a group buy you might as well just go to your local dealer. It is possible to get 10% if you buy 10 or more, but nissan would need all money up front and back order waiting times means they do not all arrive at once and could be many weeks/months, then whoever organises it would have to distribute them, post etc. bit of a ball ache and more added costs would only end up saving £10...


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