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Dyno graphs please

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1Dyno graphs please Empty Dyno graphs please 21st February 2016, 1:40 am


Bit of a strange request this one

But could anyone who had a Dyno printout for their car (ideally with boost and afr showing) put the graphs up please

If you could also state whether mapped, generic chipped ecu or just boost / fuelling setup on stock, also ecu type would be appreciated.

Last of all.......Turbo it's running, maf, injector size ex system, intercooler type and whether she's running cams or stock

I'm looking at doing a kind of gtir portfolio so putting cars into various brackets so I can take measured readings at given levels with certain cars that have similar modifications and in similar states of tune

Won't tell you yet what we're up to but there's a very good reason in doing the above which could benefit owners in the long run so dig them out and put them up please guys n gals thumbsup

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2Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 21st February 2016, 11:23 am


Here's mine again.
All standard bits with UK Sunny ECU.

Dyno graphs please Img112_zpsvisbe3cr

3Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 21st February 2016, 12:43 pm


Standard Engine & err Clutch Laughing  Walbro pump, FMIC, Scorpion Exhaust, HKS Filter, HKS piggy back PFC F-Con Fuel Controller, Apexi Boost controller running 1.3bar, Was running this setup for 7 - 8 years without a problem, turbos got a bit of play and the clutch is kinda smooth now! Never been mapped.

Flywheel HP

Dyno graphs please 49D87F7B-8A95-481A-A5BB-A9B2CF0BA628_zpss68hjcyl

Wheel HP

Dyno graphs please E9388186-1123-41BE-BA91-34BA9C2242FC_zpsl6sah2cm


4Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 22nd February 2016, 10:43 am


Here you go Bob,

Standard: Engine / Turbo / ECU / Injectors  
Uprated: Fuel Pump Walbro / FMIC / Bogdan Elbow / Full Goose Exhaust / Blitz SUS Filter / Dawes Device Ball & Spring (1.2 bar boost)

Never been officially set-up - fueling ok'd at various rolling road days - last one print out below

Dyno graphs please <a href=Dyno graphs please Power%20Graph%20-%203in%20Elbow%201.2%20Bar" />


5Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 22nd February 2016, 5:36 pm

Spark plug spike

Spark plug spike
Standard ECU, standard injectors, Walbro fuel pump, standard MAF, 360 degree bearing standard turbo, 2.75" EBay turbo elbow, standard top mount intercooler, standard cams, full decat mongoose exhaust, Apexi air filter,

Dawes device manual boost controller, 1.1 bar boost, fuelling and ignition adjusted using the old style Apexi SAFC and SITC.

Dyno graphs please Image11

6Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 22nd February 2016, 6:17 pm


Party Petes car

Nistune ecu
700cc injectors
AM performance elbow
Goose exhaust
HKS filter

Dyno graphs please 20120504_144417

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7Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 23rd February 2016, 1:07 pm


Forged 2.0
Hks 264 cams
Hks 3037
Top mounted manifold with screamer
Big cooler
680cc injectors
Avcr and afc neo running it
Boost 1.2 dropping to 1.1

Dyno graphs please 42CA38E5-F40E-4943-929D-0445236D4CB1

Dyno graphs please 1015ADD4-A955-4CA0-B32A-C59DE2BB4D95

8Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 23rd February 2016, 7:01 pm


this is one from one of my cars ive another one from the following year but cant find it

Dyno graphs please 35164B71-5F4B-4F7A-B167-D8BB90FB67BF

spec is
660cc injectors
z32 maf
t2860 turbo with motorsport spec bearings and 34mm restricter
forged engine
forge intercooler
apexi ecu
running 1.3 bar

9Dyno graphs please Empty Re: Dyno graphs please 24th February 2016, 11:02 pm


Events Organiser
Events Organiser
GT2871R .64ar at 0.8bar
AM performance elbow + downpipe
5 Zigen exhaust (2,75 in I believe)
Walbro fuel pump
Standard management (ecu injectors maf)
Blitz air filter
Dyno graphs please Img002_zps3lgwejxj


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