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High idle cure

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1High idle cure Empty High idle cure 11th March 2016, 10:29 pm


Been trying to get round to this for years, well since I had the throttle bodies off about 5 years ago and noticed the problem.

So in many cases vacuum leaks are the cause but a common problem is the factory seal on the butterflies wearing to the point this happens when held up to light:

High idle cure 1D752902-F762-43EA-959C-076EACBD0DAD_zps9aszkfvu

My IACV was screwed all the way in but still idled at 2000rpm, each butterfly was the same, so a lot of air be dragged through..

Today was the day to apply Molykote 321

High idle cure 28C6D00A-2FB4-4F2B-97DA-470F2BFFC403_zpsldc2aw2z

Sprayed it into a aerosol lid and brushed round the edges, left it for 12hrs or so and gently opened them, causing the dry lubricant to crack, close the butterfly to a perfect seal

High idle cure C5596528-E95B-4742-BA33-E14492C5EA3A_zpsht6eh5qq

Held up to the light, and no halo, sweet!  Unfortunetly I won't be trying them for some time but very confident it'll work!!

Hopefully this info is of use to others..


2High idle cure Empty Re: High idle cure 12th March 2016, 11:27 am


Surely there is supposed to be a bit of a gap else it will be acting as a choke (IACV aside), I don't think I've seen a TB that seals perfectly?

I am not saying they do not wear and become too big however.  Wonder if new butterfly plates are available?

Pretty inventive idea but I would be very concerned about the molykote becoming brittle with vibration and entering the engine. Little chunks of it hitting the turbine blades can't be good.

We have that Molykote 321 at work however ive never used it or even know what it's used for, maybe ill investigate tonight. Laughing

3High idle cure Empty Re: High idle cure 12th March 2016, 1:26 pm


I've read about this on various other forums, Mitsubishi Subaru and various American sites, mainly from people cleaning the butterfly plates, and rubbing the original factory sealant off thinking it was oil Laughing then low and behold their idle is sky high.. The product that's been used on all these sites is Molykote 321.. Can't remember which forum it was said that its pretty much the same as factory seal.

Bits of my original stuff had already worn off.

Google Molykote 321 throttle body, loads of info comes up.


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