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Suspension - active

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1Suspension - active  Empty Suspension - active on 27th March 2016, 9:35 am


Reading up on people's opinions ( always a dodgy subject) of shock and suspension setups .
Seems the only universal comments revolve around under steer and comfort , leading to the track / road compromise .
I think I will go down the active shock route , I can't find anyone who has actually done this ( bar manual system)
4 of my other cars use active shocks and they DO work well.
For me the tein efdc active pro system seems pretty good and a real bargain price point .
The ability to adjust in use has to be a massive advantage and it's based on actual feedback from accelerometers , not how the driver feels it's working .
I'm a techno geek and this appeals to me , the computer will always "think" faster than our reactions .
Surely the ability to sense pitch and roll and then factor for speed in corrections can't be bettered by a static setting ?

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