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Ring Gap

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1Ring Gap Empty Ring Gap on 2nd April 2016, 4:27 pm



Deglazed the cylinders this afternoon, thought id check the gap on the new rings I bought a few months ago.  Im a bit confused, I bought these off ebay:

Ring Gap 1CB0B69F-9893-4938-AEDA-C9BF25565BCF_zpsfgaqrty7

Listed for nissan Silvia Sunny N14 200sx S14 S15 SR20 SR20DET.

Pushed the top ring in cyl 1 with a piston to keep it square, gap measured 0.46mm didnt think much of it, did the rest all measuring the same, popped ring 2 in and that measured 0.70mm, this one made me think wtf! that gap looks big Shocked, grabbed my manual looked at the spec:

Ring Gap EC5D6605-5BE7-4DC4-B8AD-5551A25380FB_zpsf9jvkfx8

Imediately was worried how much material id taken off, so put my old rings in to my surprise measured inside the spec of the manual. 1st ring 0.26mm 2nd ring 0.45mm.. I then measured the bores and its near as damn it 86mm so not been bored out.

The manual states the wear limit is 1.0mm but surely new rings should fall towards the lower spec i.e 1st ring 0.20mm.

The eBay listing states:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check your rings against these specs before opening the new box as we can only accept returns in "as new" condition (inner seal not broken).

Dont know where I stand with this now, I might as well put my old rings back in than use the new rings! Has anybody had any experience with this problem?


2Ring Gap Empty Re: Ring Gap on 2nd April 2016, 7:05 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
I've used riken rings on 54C builds & gaps been within limits as you would expect.
Have used NPT on other jap engines & had gaps within spec .
Have heard people complain on ring gaps but had assumed it down to bore spec but looks like ring spec maybe issue too at times ... not a pleasing result for new parts :-/

3Ring Gap Empty Re: Ring Gap on 2nd April 2016, 7:38 pm


Cheers Mr B I'll fire and email to the seller and see what can be done..

4Ring Gap Empty Re: Ring Gap on 2nd April 2016, 7:51 pm


If anything i would expect them to come in slightly oversized and need grinding down a bit.
That was my worry when i ordered new CP piston rings because i didnt have a ring grinder,
Fortunately they where to spec,

5Ring Gap Empty Re: Ring Gap on 2nd April 2016, 8:19 pm


^ thats what i thought to be fair!

Just emailed the seller asking for a refund as clearly the product listed meeting oem spec doesnt!

Was going to go for nissan rings, at £150 i thought Id found a bargain with these for £45, oh well back to nissan on monday.

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