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what do i need ? small restoration? ( seam sealer / paint protection ..)

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As title says

whilst fixing the accident damage i want to restore all the undernieth of the car / sand all down seam seal it primer and what ever else you think i should do.

what products should i use ? has anyone ever done it them selves that could tell me everyting they used?

as i want to buy it all and have it all ready for when i start doing it




I used tiger seal for all the seams then went over it with jotunmastic 87 or 90 (can be applied directly to bare metal or etch primered first) i can't remember
then i went over it with hammerite stonechip out of the red cans. You need to let each product go off before applying other products incase they react. Try a small area first to test for reactions and also put a heater/radiator under the car so it goes off quicker.

I used waxoil with a long tube in the sills and inside the rear arches for the jotunmastic and to ask if you can etch prime then apply jotunmastic
also need a big compressor to spray it's very thick :actually looks like you can brush it or roll it.

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