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1Diffs  Empty Diffs 13th July 2016, 10:51 pm


Hi, so Im guessing most of our diffs are a bit past their sell by date now?

So if a brand new diff (centre for eg) was put in, would we see less of a power loss through the drive train or could it make it even worse? Not sure, but I think it would reduce the percentage lost through the transmission therefore clawing back a LITTLE bit of lost poke. I know our 4x4 system is pretty ancient in design now and always thought that 4wd's lost between 20-25% on the way to the wheels. Of course age dont help matters much.

Would be great if some one could shed some light on it.

Also has anyone done the hydraulic clutch release bearing conversion successfully?

Is it just a case of getting for example the hydraulic release bearing from OS Giken but obviously sleeved to suit SR20DET? Probably more to it than that but got a stage 4 cc and its starting to get on my tits around town now lol

Any info on this much appreciated.


2Diffs  Empty Re: Diffs 15th July 2016, 4:31 am

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
You won't see any noticeable difference in diff change really .
Gear oil used and gearkit used such as straight cut will see gains but not huge. Biggest loss is 90deg drive transfer and not much can do about that. Good condition parts/bearings helps, brakes not dragging helps massively and common issue for high drive train power loss . Percentage figures don't work well really as every car design differs, also loss is not linear, 240hp R would loose 60hp @25% and 500hp would loose 125hp which not the case .
Hydraulic direct acting release can be bit of work get right as got mount to suit clutch and hydraulic displacement go be right for what displacement your master has, I done one for my evo and had machine shop custom make one to get pedal effort and travel how I wanted it .
If using it on road a lot the CC stage 3 is about best you can get as balance between road and bit of track/drag use .

3Diffs  Empty Re: Diffs 21st July 2016, 9:46 pm


Thanks Mr B.

So it is possible to use an OS Giken r/b with a stage four cc providing its suited to our cars in the first place? Will look into this further, as not only would be easier around town but on a track thinking it would be too easy to crunch gears accidentally when in full flow Smile

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