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Torque of the South a brief review

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1Torque of the South a brief review  Empty Torque of the South a brief review 22nd July 2016, 7:41 am


This is a thank you and small review of Torque of the South. I have been on and off the Gtir forums for 12 years and now I currently own number 3. I have always had a third car that I have enjoyed fettling and tweeting as this is the part of the joy I get from cars . Anyway enough about me.
I took my car to Torque of the south this week after knowing of Bobs services for many years and seeing some of the builds and work he had done . So I thought there was no one better to work on my new pride and joy.
I found Bob to be a very knowledgeable chap who was always willing to help answer any questions I had about the car or anything Nissan really! I found him to be professional , genuinely interested in my car and above all passionate about what he does.
His workshop is a one stop shop for any R enthusiast with a parts stock that would make Amazon look small. Lol.
I was like a kid when I was looking around it was quite an experience .
To substantiate Bobs work ethic I have never seen someone work so late and with so much drive , now I hear you say " well he is getting paid for it" but the funny part was that Bob did not charge me anywhere near as much as he should for the hours of dyno time and all the work he did. 14hrs solid work working till 2AM for bugger all.

I would recommend Bob to any car enthusiast as I found his working standards high and he did not cut corners .

And thank you for all the heavily discounted parts!

Looking forward to my next visit.

There is more detail of my car in my project thread .



Great write up Dan glad you are pleased with your progress! Bob is a genuinely great guy you cant go far wrong down at tots motorsport!

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Great to hear from someone who has clearly had the help. Advice and guidance that everyone gets when they go to Bob or even phone him.
Thanks for sharing your experience and im happy to see another happy gtir owner Smile

Back againTwisted Evil


Great write-up mate thumbsup

pulsar janson

hey drc
bob did some great work on my pulsar last year after i got toasted going to ahem ahem specialist where peeps was saying good stuff about on Fb not ever again will i listen to guys on Fb as had no trouble paying out but wanted car right and it never was good in any way; the bobmiester soon sorted it and car is well quick now as was when done and i do abuse it silent so mate your dead on. wish all the best for car its in good hands matey

6Torque of the South a brief review  Empty Re: Torque of the South a brief review 30th July 2016, 10:10 am


Glad he sorted your car . 
"After sales service" 
Well I thought I would add a small bit about Bob's post tuning advice and support . I have had lots of questions and small issues I have wanted advice for. As Bob now knows my car well he has been able to help me with sorting these issues . I think we have spoken about 3/4 times over the week after he has shut up shop! That is dedication and honesty if ever I saw it.

Anyway as you know . Bob is your man with anything Nissan .
If People come from across the waters for his services then that says a lot .

Keep doing what you do!

So when can I come back for stage 2 of the operation?

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