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Leicestershire wiring gurus

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1Leicestershire wiring gurus  Empty Leicestershire wiring gurus 5th August 2016, 2:44 pm


Hi guys if you have opened this thread I am hoping your from the shire. If so keep reading .

Next would you like to earn some beer money and help a fellow enthusiast out? Keep going your almost there.

Any good with a soldering iron and understand wiring diagrams in detail ? If so congratulations you have passed!


Basically I have a misfire / fueling issue and I have narrowed it down to this mess!

Leicestershire wiring gurus  04C2200F-11FE-477F-B8E4-D32FCC85F093_zpsynb3xopk

Since it had been pulled out for the dyno seasons and I have been routing cables behind the dash some of the connectors have worked loose and they need to be soldered and sealed  permanently. There are lots of bare wires and loose connections.

This would be where I need your help/services . If you can give p.m. it would be great to hear from you it's always nice to talk about cars and share good conversation .

Thank you

2Leicestershire wiring gurus  Empty Re: Leicestershire wiring gurus 5th August 2016, 3:00 pm


oooh! lots of scotch connecters........not the best because if they are cheap ones they do not always break through the outer sheathing fully which can cause many intermittent issues with fuelling and ignition curcuit.

As said Dan....get them soldered up and heatshrink put over joints
most of the wires that are not making good connections you can normally identify the other end (colour wise) then just a case of re-attaching

Make sure the lead on battery is disconnected prior to carrying out any repairs to wiring there as you could get a power surge (spike) back to ecu and the Apexi units dont like that one little bit.

Should be a few guys up your neck of woods that will sort that for you but if you cant find anyone i know someone in loughborough who will do it for you for a few squid assuming hes not busy over the weekend

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3Leicestershire wiring gurus  Empty Re: Leicestershire wiring gurus 5th August 2016, 3:25 pm


Lighting fast response ! Cheers Bob . as we spoke about yesterday this looks like the problem as when it is running and I fiddle with the wire harness it splutters and hunts .

Who is your man in Loughborough ?

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