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1GTIR WORKSHOP MANUAL Empty GTIR WORKSHOP MANUAL on 27th September 2016, 8:36 pm


Hello, Does anyone know why i can't seem to load up the online manual

I'm trying to find out were the wiring goes to and from from fuse 1 (top left) from the interior fuse box, I know it's for the instrument cluster (dash) but I think I've got a short circuit in it somewhere as it blows the fuse since having the gearbox fitted and a new windscreen in. This means I have no dash, i.e. speedo, rev counter etc!

Any help appreciated!

Thanks Chris

2GTIR WORKSHOP MANUAL Empty Re: GTIR WORKSHOP MANUAL on 27th September 2016, 9:15 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
probably someone not paid the hosting fees and loosing interest in it but hopefully just technical related .
Download the pdf format and print elec stuff relevant to job you on .

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