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GA16S Distributor problems

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1GA16S Distributor problems Empty GA16S Distributor problems on 11th January 2017, 11:30 am


Hello everyone, im in a state of emergency here lol!

My N13 1.6 carb cut out on my the other week going up a hill, I got towed home and checked the cap and arm and they were ruined (still original parts) I changed them, cranked it over and it spluttered into life and after about 4 minutes of idling it cut out and wouldn't start again.

The coil was only a couple of months old but was leaking the oil out, the resistance seemed okay (1.4ohms) I had 12v direct and 12v from the distributor on the LT side with the ignition on but when cranking over no pulsing. as a precaution I swapped the coil under warranty for a new one.

Cranked it over again and the same thing, ran for about 4 minutes then cut out, I checked with a bulb on the LT to see if it was pulsing when cranking over and it just stayed on with no pulsing.
With this information im guessing the ignition unit inside the distributor has gone, once it warms up a bit it disconnects or something im not sure.

The question is is how easy is this to fix, ive tried finding a new ignition unit and it costs like £150 for one tiny unit. can I make one myself, I work in an R&D dept with an electrical control unit engineer so could probably figure it out.
Alternatively is there a distributor that will fit onto a GA16S? like the GA16I or DE? that would be a lot easier lol! or a distributor with the same internal unit I could buy from the scrap yard and fit to mine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated I hate not having the car lol!

Im going to be taking the distributor off tonight and take it to work for testing and strip it down see it could be anything else but pretty sure its that.


2GA16S Distributor problems Empty Re: GA16S Distributor problems on 12th January 2017, 8:38 am

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
ga15/16 n13 b12 all same i believe, looking round junk yards cheapest bet.
in meantime trying pull your control unit apart worth a go seems got some technical resources.
getting hard find breaker parts for these, I got a 1.6 1988 hatchback still running ...

3GA16S Distributor problems Empty Re: GA16S Distributor problems on 12th January 2017, 1:26 pm


Yeah ive sent off requests on scrap yard websites that sends what I need to hundreds of them around the country so hopefully someone has one!! yeah il defo take it apart, just worried that I might damage it beyond usable repair.
Its just annoying most parts are still available apart from this !! typical ive never had one of these go on any of my old cars!

The only other hope is that the module, although it has a Nissan Part No, is used in other distributors on other cars which are still available. if I can find one with the same module inside Il try and find a 2nd hand dizzy and strip it down. For example, when I've been having a look for a new one, the ignition module on the E14 engine is used by 4-5 other manufactures in their distributors

4GA16S Distributor problems Empty Re: GA16S Distributor problems on 12th January 2017, 3:03 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
Yeh is likely used on other makes but as not much online for it maybe limited.
Is ballache finding bits like that now. worth grabbing odd bits when see them cheap, could retro fit other ignition system but be more costly than new oem part.
Worth seeing if can get into module for possible repair, what numbers/marks are on yours !? ...

5GA16S Distributor problems Empty Re: GA16S Distributor problems on 12th January 2017, 3:46 pm


if you've got any part numbers at all then these guys might be able to help (?)

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