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Restoration Project

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101Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 3rd December 2018, 7:56 am


@gtir_woody wrote:Pretty sure those proportioning valves come in ABS and non-abs ones. When I removed ABS from one of my old pulsars, I swapped to over to a non-abs one.

Doesn't really matter if you keep the ABS version really the only difference between the 2 is looks, both ABS and non-abs prop valves have exactly the same brake bias. I'm still running the OEM valve even though Ive removed the ABS entirely.

102Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 4th December 2018, 8:57 pm


Did you just loop it ryan ?

"Official post whore" and all round superhero....

103Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 3rd April 2019, 9:21 pm


I've been progressing slowly with the rebuild making sure everything goes back together correctly, I
got a bit of time tonight to upload some pictures of the progress.

Sound Proofing installed

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3212

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3210

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3211

Interior reinstallation

The wiring went back ok as everything was still labeled the only challenge I had was sorting out the spiders web of wires from the after market alarm and immobliser I had installed when the car was freshly imported, after re-soldering most of the connections and replacing all the cheap electrical tape with heat shrink it looks a lot more organised.

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3215

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3214

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3213

I when I went to install the steering wheel I realised I couldn't connect it to the steering rack with the rack installed correctly, I'm so glad I hadn't decided to install the engine a quick half an hours work and the steering rack was dropped out of the way and the connected to the steering column and reinstalled.

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3216

Exterior Progress

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3217

Can anyone help in telling where this goes, I've trawled all the pictures of the disassembly and can't identify where it's from.

Restoration Project - Page 5 23d31810

104Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 14th August 2019, 12:44 am


So i've been making slow progress over the last few months as it been a never ending task of cleaning and restoring small parts to go back on the car.   This week after coming back from my summer holidays I've planned to get in the garage an have a big push to move things forward starting with making the 3 main fuel pipes with the OEM spec pipe i ordered in from the States a couple of months ago.

I soon had these made up and installed.
Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3311

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3310

Once the fuel pipes were in my task for today was get the engine back in, it took a lot longer then the removal as I was desperate not to chip any paint in the engine bay.

Engine mounts all ready for the engine install.
Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3412

With the aid of the trusty fence post i lifted the shell up enough to slide the engine in and with few blocks of wood and a couple of trolley jacks and the engine was back in position.
Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3411

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3410

The plan is now the engines installed I can drain the oil and refurbish the oil pan, which looks a rusting mess.
Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3415

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3414

Engine finally in after 20 months tucked under my bench.
Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3413

105Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 14th August 2019, 7:30 am


nice update mate, hopefully seeing the engine finally in will give you some extra motivation now Smile

106Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 14th August 2019, 10:34 am

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Loving the pictures well done

107Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 14th August 2019, 11:00 am


Looks really good! Keep it up.

108Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 14th August 2019, 8:32 pm


Thanks guys, I think getting the engine fitted was the motivation I needed as today I was in the garage first thing this morning an installed both front suspension assemblies and brakes with new discs an pads.  Everything went together easily I just need to bleed the brakes as a priority to allow testing of all the flairs on the replacement pipes i've installed.

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3418

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3416

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3419

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3420

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