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MOT advisory - centre offside chassis damaged

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1MOT advisory - centre offside chassis damaged Empty MOT advisory - centre offside chassis damaged on 30th March 2017, 8:13 am



Just had a query about an advisory on my MOt from 2015 when the car was registered regarding centre offside chassis leg damaged. This is not on the paper copy I originally have from the importer, so I never thought to check online.
However on the government website it's there clear as day!

When I checked the car over when j bought it nothing looked out the oridinaru however now I am aware of it I can see where it is. It's the box section running under the car, one side is crushed in.
Looking at MoT rules it's nor a failure unless it affected steering, braking or a securing point for seat belts or is wishing 30cm of.

I will try get a photo up shortly.

It hasn't been flagged again on my last MOt (not Same tester)

Should I be concerned?

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Photo attached
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It looks like somebody used it as jacking point. I'm a tester and trust me I see worst stuff than that and I've pass it. It one of those things that depends on a tester... I wouldn't even advise is someone else might...



Doesn't that look like its started to pull away from the floor where its deformed, and then been covered in underseal/silicone?


No it's still attached, have had a go at it lol.

That's my thought that it's been jacked up on here or jacks slipped, front chassis rail has clean signs of jacking.

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