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Narrowly avoided disaster

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1Narrowly avoided disaster Empty Narrowly avoided disaster 1st October 2017, 10:09 am


So i popped up to the local motor factor yesterday to grab a couple of bits i needed and parked up. Did the work on the car then was going to take it round the block for inspection purposes. Would it start? Would it fuck. It just kept winding and winding without even the slightest fart.

I took the plugs out and they smelled slightly of fuel but not really wet. Plugs were sparking. Checked inside dizzy cap and rotor, all ok. I did however notice that when priming the fuel pump it was only registering about 2 bar pressure.
Bollocks, fuel pumps dying i thought.
Today (in pissing rain) i bypassed the fuel pump relay in the boot so it was running all the time. Checked fuel pressure gauge and its now reading 3.5 bar!? Car now started fine. So i swapped the (virtually brand new) relay with an old one from the garage and it started right up. Fuel pressure again at 3.5 bar.

It never really twigged with me but looking back, ive had to adjust the fuel pressure a few times, assumedly to correct the pump relay.

Anyone ever seen this before? I thought relays either worked or didnt, not increased internal resistance.

Anyway im glad its sorted now. I think one or two more winds of the starter wouldve killed the battery completely.
The thought of having to swap the fuel pump in the dark after work wasnt really appealling either!

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