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Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross

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1Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 6:16 pm


Hi all,

Just saying Hi. New to the club.

Our team runs a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R in the BTRDA rallycross championship.

We have been slowly rebuilding the car with Ross Connolly who is 16yrs old and is competing in the championship.
Ross has been helping to bring the car up to spec so it can be ultra competitive in 2018.

We have some rules which we have to stick too. (Mainly that it remains standard production) But we can change quite a few areas as well - Stuff that remains production however gives us that little edge over the others

Any tips and advise from people on the group is welcome. Its a new car to us and we have plenty to learn.

We need to make the car competitive but also reliable to get the best results through the season.

Ross had a shake down with the car at Croft for the final round which went well. We had an issue before the final heat which meant we couldnt compete in the final heat however there is some good onboard footage of Ross and the car being driven.

This can be viewed on or on Youtube.

Ross can be found racing the car on FB under his profile name Rossconnollyracing and also via our FB page Extreme22racingdivision.

We have some bits which need attention to bring the car up to spec but we are hoping for some good results in 2018.

The GTI-R is a fantaastic car and we hope to show the subaru's and other production 4x4's how its done with Ross.

Hoping to get the support of the club behind Ross for the rest of the year and please like and share his page and the teams page.

We are a friendly bunch as well who just want to see Ross and the car win the championship.

Any help would be greatly appreicated



2Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 6:45 pm


the one star club
the one star club
Hi mark, I have seen the stuff on fb that stu has shared and looks fantastic, I'll be watching it on motors tv. It's great to see a pulsar being used in competition and I hope Ross does really well and shows the scoobies and Evos how to go on. Be good for the club as well I'm sure, there's so many young ones out there that know about the evos and scoobies but ain't got a clue about the pulsars. Wish you guys the best

3Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 6:53 pm


Welcome to the forum mark ....likewise as Pete said I have seen stuff on Facebook .... what areas are you looking to improve on the car .....

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4Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 7:16 pm


Welcome to the club. Look forward to hearing more.

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5Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 8:18 pm

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Been following since rob told me about him after he got the kit off him and recently off bob and Stu. So Ross is the driver but there are a team of you ?

6Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 9:12 pm


Welcome to the forum mate, great to have you on board, looking forward to hearing more.

7Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 9:48 pm


Thanks - We are happy to be part of it all. It’s a great club from what I have seen

8Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 14th November 2017, 10:15 pm


To explain so you all know. I’m Mark.. I am Ross’s Dad and help run the team called Extreme22
Ross’s lucky number.
We (me, lorraine and Ross - family) started the team this year with the intention of Ross being at the very front of it all. Running the team allows us to help fund some of Ross’s racing. (A small part of it) Ross is 16yrs old and his main goal is to make it into the European Rallycross and then Worlds. (I know - not easy Wink ....
He wants to take the car into the British rallycross and win there next.
we run a couple of cars from grass routes racing with juniors to help give them a chance to afford racing and follow in Ross’s steps. Ross mentors them as the follow him. One of the lads that drives in the other car has some mild Autism and Ross gets a lot from helping him achieve his goals too.
We also offer adults the chance to race in other cars which we have 106 Rallye & Gti - It just helps to have them out there making the numbers up and helping to pay for the odd round of the championship. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. Plus it’s rewarding and we like to see them win as well.

We chose the Pulsar as it’s like you say a car which is not a Subaru or Evo. It’s a versatile car which we can make more adjustments too and hopfully be more reliable. (And quicker) Ross loves it. Can’t get enough of it

Racing is expensive though. And having enough spare parts to be comptetive is the key for us next season.
We are making small changes. But they have to be within our rules. The last round just shown on TV was a shake down for Ross and the car. And unfortunately we unearthed a rocker problem and didn’t make the final. (We only had 40 mins to solve it)
Bob helped to sell me some Rocker stoppers and no bent valves we are back on track.
Im not an expert by any means with the Pulsar. Racing set up’s and running the team yes. But the in depth knowledge of the Pulsar I’m having to learn fast !!!

We have a few months to really tune the car in and sort out any issues that may crop up. But we have to be quite limited in our budget. We still need a second set of wheels. (Some proper light weight ones) We almost have to have 2 of everything in case something breaks. So it’s disfficult

This is where your knowledge is really helpful.
Our car needs to be competitive (which I think it already is) But it needs some extra tweaking to really get the most from it while still remaining reliable.

We have upgraded our suspension (bespoke coil overs just for Rallycross) They work really well.

But we would like to iron out some of the common issues that can cause us to fail. So suggestions there are great ?

Also what gains have you made in performance from standard ?

We have an upgraded gearbox and we know we can improve our air flow (that’s on the list)
Any suggestions and help appreciated.

We want to see the Pulsar win next season and of course Ross.
It’s all going to be live on tv and via our Fb page so hope you are able to support Ross as he gives it a go.

And of course we will publish the dates of racing and you are all welcome to come and support. It’s a great day out ????

Your help / knowledge and understanding as we learn is appreciated.

Ross does a lot of the work himself as well. We are just a normal family really trying to give it a go so hope you guys and girls can help support Ross along the way.


9Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 15th November 2017, 1:13 am


nice mate, sounds like he has good support behind him and there are lots of people on this forum willing to help out.

Out of curiosity do you have the rules on what you can change and not change?

What upgrades have been done to the box?

10Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross  Empty Re: Extreme22 GTI-R Rallycross on 15th November 2017, 2:46 pm


Thanks - We are trying. The support is needed so thank you.
We have a RB short shift ratio box in the car. Helps massively off the line.
If it’s manufactured to fit the standard car then it’s acceptable to use for the rules and regs.
There is nothing against using mods to support existing parts from failure.
We have some items on our list of Musts before we go out again for example a wideband Fuel/air gadge.
But the budget has to allow us to make all the upgrades.
The copied link takes you to the rules and regs for the car and Championship.
We have to comply with them and also refer against the blue book from the MSA

As with all Motorsport rules it’s open to interpretation. There is a UK spec Subaru competing against Ross which should be running no more than 220bhp. It’s clearly not but the engine may still be standard and various things have increased its performance up to 300bhp. Which is fair play.

So we can play around with most parts as long as they remain in line with the standard looking engine etc etc

What are you thinking ?


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