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Apexi power Fc wount start..

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1Apexi power Fc wount start.. Empty Apexi power Fc wount start.. 5th October 2019, 3:09 pm


Hello everybody! now this is how i need help with my nissan gtir 94 uk import.

had the car for 7 years and worked on it to and from time to time but had a longer downtime recently.

the problem is that the car goes well with the original ecu but when I mount apexi power fc
so the car refuses to start, gets fuel but wont fire ..

recently demolished the entire engine compartment and went through all the cables throughout the engine and redone them. checked all ground points but it still does not start.

reset the ecun to factory settings and turned off the boost controller option. still no luck.

all signals in the handcontroller seems ok if u ask me.

Any 1 have any idea what might be wrong Question

2Apexi power Fc wount start.. Empty Re: Apexi power Fc wount start.. 6th October 2019, 11:21 am

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
was this intermittent issue of no start which got worse or it a case of this apexi unit been like this from day 1 of trying use it . what model power fc is it .
If been like it from day 1 it either setup or board fault at worse, if was running right and it intermittent issue that got worse it increases chance it board issue .

Ideally you going need check exactly what not happening in regards of fuel and spark, if it getting fuel is it pulsing injectors sensibly/timed, same with ignition, any spark, if yes is it timed correctly, if no check ecu ignition output ,check settings and cam sensor in depth .

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