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Pulled my engine apart today and found 2 oil squirters in the oil pick-up

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r called jay

I've finally pulled and engine apart today that I've had sat on the engine stand for 6 years!!!!
Some good news, some bad.
So I found 2 broken off oil squirters in the oil pick-up, which were from cyl 2 and 3 :-(
To my surprise I also found CP pistons whick look in good condition, BUT they don't have any cut outs for the oil squirters and I can't find any part numbers on them to check they are for our engine.
I take it that the correct CP pistons for our motor should have cut outs for the oil squirters?
Cheers, Ben.


Should be easy to see the cutouts, maybe were installed the wrong way round if all 4 are CP and 1 and 4 squirters are intact.

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
likely a case of early ones used for 54C not specific in having a notch .
I remember some fitting CP in early days sourced cheap from US and stating didn't need notching as skirts shorter than standard and just cleared, some people tweaked squirter give little more clearance, Is easy add notches and as skirts are shorter only need millimetre depth .

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