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Grey Pulsar Crew

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1Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:01 pm


Hi All
Thought its about time I made a post of my car, as its near completion(well sort of).  I've been on this forum for a long time but I don't post much.  However I have to say its provided me with a wealth of knowledge. So thanks to all for the site and all the info provided.
So first of all a bit of history. I am long time GTiR owner. 15 years I've had this car. Mostly been in storage in a broken state in that time. Never really did much to it. Exhaust filter and eventually fuel pump and 1 bar loop. I nearly sold it numerous times and was very close a few years back, when I came ascoss a forged engine on ebay. You may remember the advert. Guy had just completed his build and he was just breaking the car in when his missus wrapped it up coming off a roundabout in the wet. The pics were in the advert
Any how bought the engine and the building started.  I'm an electrician by trade and have very little mechanical knowledge. My mate who is a mechanic and a former gtir owner has helped out.  But as I said people and posts on here have been a massive help(I know this site inside out)

So here's the spec and some pics

Engine has 86mm cp pistons.  arp head bolts arp main studs. arp rod bolts. acl bearings. hks head gasket. ported and polished head with deburred water and oil ways in head and block. balanced crank. acid dipped block.

3071r turbo (thanks bob)with hks wastegate housing and a garett 4inch anti surge inlet, rebuilt with billet internals.
Braided oil and water pipes.
Custom made exhaust manifiold by a member on here( thanks dave) ceramic coated by performance 1 coatings
Tial external wastegate
750cc rc injectors. Not on car yet. Thanks bob
walbro 255 fuel pump. 
3inch custom made power flow exhaust.
custom made 3inch elbow
mishimoto front mount intercooler
prosport gauges including wide band, boost, volt, oil pressure and oil temp. 
hks m35i spark plugs
Magnecor ignition leads
Cusco oil breather
All new hoses and airlines
mishimoto radiator
mishimoto fans.
Mishimoto thermostat
Battery relocated to boot.
Fuel pump re earthed and direct feed. rebuilt oil pump. rebuilt alternator. recon starter motor
powder coated pipe work including brake servo, power steering can. brackets, plenum, injector rail, rocker cover.

fully rebuilt gearbox with a rpc stage 3 clutch and rpc lightwieght flywheel.
uprated clutch fork thanks bob
b&m short shifter
k sport 6pot calipers and ds200 pads Thanks grimd
hel brake lines.
tein coilovers.
whiteline front and rear anti roll bars. cusco strut brace.
hub centric wheel spacers front and rear.
17inch buddy club p1s(powder coated gold)
with toyo proxy 205/40/17 tyres.
Flocked dash and centre console

Car hasn't been mapped as yet but I'm close getting it sorted. I'm hoping to get it to Built by Mike for that and have ECU and mapping sorted. I think I should be good for around the 400mark. What do you guys think.
I know the box and clutch are not gonna last long, but that can get sorted later.
I'm going for the ecu masters black edition. Im also looking at the COP conversion.

Will bang more pics up of the build process and  the engine bay soon.

Grey Pulsar Crew 20200411

Grey Pulsar Crew 20200412

Grey Pulsar Crew 20201115


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2Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:06 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20201014
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201015

Grey Pulsar Crew 20200414

3Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:10 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20201118
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201118
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201116

Grey Pulsar Crew 20201119

4Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:13 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20200415
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201016
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201120

Just getting to grips with uploading rusty

5Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:19 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20200416
Grey Pulsar Crew 20200417
Grey Pulsar Crew 20200418

6Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:21 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20201017
Grey Pulsar Crew 20190311
Grey Pulsar Crew 20190310

7Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:48 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20201121
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201122
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201018

8Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:51 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20201123
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201124
Grey Pulsar Crew 20201019

9Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 9th January 2021, 9:52 pm


Grey Pulsar Crew 20190710

10Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 15th January 2021, 5:49 pm


Nice one fella, everyone know the Grey ones are fastest Very Happy

Had mine about the same time as yourself but it's nowhere near ready yet No

Powerwise I'd guess your in the right figure of about 400, maybe 420?

Natural selection does not work quick enough  Evil or Very Mad

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11Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 15th January 2021, 8:13 pm


the one star club
the one star club
Good spec there

Another mod I would do is aftermarket temp dial!!! Come in handy when your driving and car starts overheating, trust me ive been there twice 😡 or even if you ever bleed the cooling system you know thermostat has opened so there's no air left in system thumbsup put adaptor on bottom hose, run wire to dash even cheap eBay dials work fine for the sake of £10 you can save ££££££

12Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 17th January 2021, 3:41 pm


Looking good , sometimes these projects take way longer than people imagine , but you have stuck with it ,so fair play.
If overheating is any worry , an oil cooler is well worth it , as it buys you time in any overheat situation .
It’s a good addition regardless due to the compact engine Bay Area and not that expensive

13Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 23rd January 2021, 7:53 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
looks a good effort
400 is easily achievable.
I not the biggest fan of bigger turbos, the main fame of the factory 54C R setup was it's power delivery from early boost, I big fan of latest gtx like the 2867 gen2 .
ECU Masters seems like good option and sensible costs,cop can be a bonus update and reduce tuning/running glitches .
I'm not a big fan of oil coolers on 54C unless really needed, Oil pump ability best left feeding engine critical components and if add a cooler keep it lower level and minimal pipe route and with thermostat control . Rocker top cooler setups was not a great idea on these but Norris Designs and front mount intercooler made it a favourite as easy position make up a kit .
All the best for mapping, Big figures really not what want chase, torque delivery and rapid boost and stable boost what make it great drive .
you got standard rods and cams ? Standard rods are fine but something like tomei 260 cams and machining head for 40mm install height springs can work well for power gain and valve train harmony and high rev capability .
Thunbs up for sticking with it for 15years thumbsup
All the best for 2021 .

14Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 5th February 2021, 9:19 am


Thanks for replys guys.

Just waiting on some door cards I'm having retrimmed(the blue flock didn't work) then its mapping time. Will keep updating as I go now.

So I did have an oil cooler on at an early stage of the build of the build. But i removed it. 2 reasons. First was the engine is just a pain in the arse to work on with it in place and second reason was read a post. I think from yourself B saying that with temps in our country there not always needed. So this car is not a daily and will not be in for any track use. So I got rid.

The water temp gauge I am definitely onto. The standard gauge on my car has been dodgy for years. The gauge reads max on the dial when thermostat opens. I tried renewing the temp sender at first but after running the car for a bit I realised everything was fine under the bonnet. Its just a dodgy gauge.
So with you saying that BEBB I'm going to swap out the volt gauge I've installed for a water temp one. Defo more important.
Yeh I know the big turbo is not ideal and have been looking into a gtx. But for now the car is getting set up with this one.

15Grey Pulsar Crew Empty Re: Grey Pulsar Crew 5th February 2021, 8:23 pm

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Keep us updated, keep up the good work

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