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Quaife Rear ATB

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1Quaife Rear ATB Empty Quaife Rear ATB 12th February 2021, 8:50 am


Hi Everyone,

As the title suggests, I am currently in deep talks with Quaife to develop one of their quality Rear ATB LSDs for the GTI-R rear end.

They are open to the idea of a group buy!

However, they will require a sample LSD & both Drive Shafts to start the CAD Drawings along with an estimate price for the Unit.

As I am personally located in Australia & Quaife is located in the UK, is anyone from the club happy to assist here? I am more than happy to Pay for postage to send the samples to Quaife and also happy to pay the return of the item.

I feel this is a great opportunity for all GTI-R owners worldwide and to upgrade the ageing vLSD.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.



PS- I am also posting this request on another gtir forum.

2Quaife Rear ATB Empty Re: Quaife Rear ATB 12th February 2021, 5:48 pm


Would have thought you would enquire from modena they closer to you and do a rear gtir diff.


3Quaife Rear ATB Empty Re: Quaife Rear ATB 26th February 2021, 8:27 am

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Was about to suggest the above what would quaife do different. Mind it would possibly be a advantage for uk buyers

4Quaife Rear ATB Empty Re: Quaife Rear ATB 1st March 2021, 5:58 pm


Just surprised why Quaife for the rear diff? Maybe i'm a bit biased towards a clutch pack style LSD.

And to my understand Modena Engineering does make a Torsen front diff and a clutch pack style LSD for the centre and rear diff.

Not saying Helical/ Quaife style is bad... it is just that i find they do not provide sufficient locking or more like the wheels still spins as long 1 wheel is in the air.

Maybe i'm also quite biased when i swapped out a Helical front diff to a Nismo front diff... the performance felt day and night.

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