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PCV and wot goes with it

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1PCV  and wot goes with it Empty PCV and wot goes with it 13th March 2021, 2:07 am


Ok here's the problem, I'm respraying the rocker cover, I have noticed a load of tubing of which I think are vacuum lines airing the rocker cover, can I easily delete some of these ?

I have looked on this site and read that it's possible, only problem is I know F all about these pipes and they spurt off everywhere, I also don't fully understand what other people have written. Can someone have the patience to either send me copy of their set up or tell me wot to do in the easiest way possible.

I presume I just have the normal set up at present with a tube coming out of the PCV and I also still have the oil separator box at the front.

I just wanna tidy things up a bit.

I have removed the Carbon cannister if that has anything to do with it.

Many thanks.

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