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Winter green gtir..

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1Winter green gtir.. Empty Winter green gtir.. 4th February 2013, 2:16 pm


Just realised I should of posted pictures in here so heer is my winter green gtir!!

As title suggest's I bought myself a winter green gtir :-)

Winter green gtir.. T2eC16NHJHgE9n0yEjMRBRBN670LbQ60_3_zps5132961d

Winter green gtir.. T2eC16JHJHYE9nzpcwE8BRBN6wlP860_3_zps66243e00

Winter green gtir.. T2eC16FHJHIE9nysd-NMBRBN6mfmmQ60_3_zpsf31aa93e

Winter green gtir.. KGrHqVHJEFDzyd5HPbBRBN7KyZhg60_3_zps278d9da8

Winter green gtir.. KGrHqFHJFYFD1bLiJBRBN65tDU60_3_zps61e93667

Winter green gtir.. KGrHqFHJEoFD0PVlgOrBRBN6qY4hw60_3_zpsa6b3747a

Winter green gtir.. IMG_2112_zps896611ae

Winter green gtir.. IMG_2108_zpsd694dc0d

Winter green gtir.. Gtir_5_zps7c0139ca

Winter green gtir.. IMG_2089_zpsb62c9084

Winter green gtir.. IMG_2086_zpse80d6045

2Winter green gtir.. Empty Re: Winter green gtir.. 4th February 2013, 2:19 pm


another aussie whos very welcome on the forum (theres a few of you's now on here) Cool

very very nice winter green car you have there which looks to be in fantastic condition
try keep it that way without any silly mods to it and itll only appreciate in value Wink

3Winter green gtir.. Empty Re: Winter green gtir.. 4th February 2013, 2:22 pm


Yeah keeping it stock only mods (if you can call them mods) will be nissan factory optional extras and thats it..

Even then I am un-sre about doing that...

I wanna keep it as original as I canm, I am the 2nd aussie owner since its import in 2005 and I believe it only had 2 owners in Japan :-)

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